Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Webmaster's notes: For those who are new to Benjamin Freedman please take note that he not only denounced Zionism like some people like to ONLY point out but that he denounced the entire Jew race/religion all together. It is clearly stated in the beginning of the audio that Freedman "is a FORMER Jew, and I mean FORMER Jew.", NOT just a former Zionist. He is clearly stating that this issue isn't completely a "Zionist" problem but yet a Jew problem. Many criminal Jews do not or pretend to not support Israel. This is key to understanding that Zionism is just a branch of the larger problem which is the Jew itself. Very few Jews in history have made this transition and that also has to be made clear when understanding what Freedman is talking about. Chess Champion Bobby Fisher was also one other notable former Jew who spoke against these issues too.

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Bob C said...

I have not seen evidence of Mr. Freedman showing any animosity against the people practicing the religion which is called Judaism today. He did, however rail against those who adopted Judaism, and would have people believe they were the Jews of the Holy Land, when in fact their origins were in Eastern Europe